d-Sixx Apparel, toddler in hat, bridge

How did d-Sixx Apparel end up creating traditional tattoo and punk inspired alternative t-shirt designs for kids and adults?


A few years ago, this little guy was on his way and we were doing that thing many expectant parents do... browsing millions of tiny human clothes trying to build up a rad wardrobe for him. The issue we found was that so many shops divided their clothes into 'boys and girls' clothes, and made them pink or blue. We found it hard to find clothes for our son that were monochrome, or had alternative designs on them, and at an affordable price. 

We started designing our own traditional tattoo and punk inspired alternative t-shirt designs, and printing them on to transfer paper and on to clothes. He looked unique, and became known for his monochrome and punky style, we soon had people asking us where we got the clothes from, and some friends asked us to make them some too for their tiny humans. 

The problem with the transfer paper was the longevity, and as many of you will know all too well, tiny humans are messy creatures. Once washed a number of times the transfers began to look tired and scruffy. We didn't want to give away clothes that people wouldn't get much use out of so we decided to start having them professionally screen printed which embeds the design into the fabric, rather than being sat on top. This dramatically increases the washability and longevity of the t-shirt!

Before long, lots more people wanted to buy some, and d-Sixx Apparel began having more inspiration for new traditional tattoo and punk inspired alternative t-shirt designs. We quickly found that our ‘Dead Pig’ and ‘Gruf Life’ designs were the most popular!  

Soon after, some of the adults wanted to wear the same traditional tattoo and punk inspired alternative t-shirt designs, so we began doing adult sized t-shirts. This of course led to the creation of many adult designs such as our ever popular ‘Punk Ladies’ design.


​Following on from our initial range or traditional tattoo and punk inspired alternative t-shirt designs, we started looking at other styles of t-shirts. We soon found the black and white raglan style t-shirts, and the raglan baby vests and knew we had to go with those. The raglans are now more popular than the white t-shirts!

So here it is... d-Sixx Apparel. We do what we do because we genuinely enjoy designing and creating t-shirts, and we love seeing the pictures of them being worn and enjoyed. We are so pleased to be able to share it with you and help keep your tiny humans looking awesome, and you adults too!