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Design inspiration - Mines Train

There is one main doodler at d-Sixx and the other of us focuses more on the business side. From time to time though, the business one (me) takes a notion to doodle...

This design was inspired by a trip to a lovely little Montessori play centre in Dundee, called Monty's Stay and Play. We have a toddler who just loves his weekly jaunt there, and his favourite thing to play on is this motorised train that runs round on tracks. He runs in, sits on it and remains there for a considerable period of time, much to the dismay of other toddlers there.

The problems arise when any other human - tiny or otherwise - decides to venture within two feet of said train. I was sat quietly wishing in my head that he kept his hands and feet (and bite) to himself one of these times, and the thought of barbed wire surrounding it popped into my head.

And so a design was born...

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